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HEDDA's first full-length release is a gripping tale that revolves around angels, fallen angels, mankind and the vicious conflict that could destroy them all...

The StormLyrics and Artwork
(View The Storm's prologue, lyrics, credits and thanks, band photos and artwork not available on the cd. CD layout credit goes to the band's multi-talented Jef Jaeger & Jamie Mac.)

HEDDA "The Storm" CD
Track 2: Never Yield
Track 3: Thirteen Angels sample: Download sample Track 3 (1:24)
Track 4: See The Light sample: Download sample Track 4 (2:08)
Track 5: Dance With Fire
Track 6: Cataclysm sample: Download sample Track 6 (1:40) All Music by K. Herman / J. Mac
All Lyrics by J. Mac
Copyright 2012
Track 7: The Gates
Track 8: Full Circle
Track 9: O.B.F.F. sample: Download sample Track 9 (1:10)
Track 10: Gypsy's Kiss
Track 11: Heaven's Fate sample: Download sample Track 11 (1:40)

The philosophy aka “The Storm”: Some would argue that the definitive lines of separation that we (mankind) have idealized since the beginning of time have never truly existed.  Some would say that we have merely embraced the IDEAS of the struggle between “good and evil”. They would go on to state that neither good nor evil actually exists in pure form. I fervently disagree. I am a firm believer that, in practice, absolutism is folly. However, I also believe that absolute evil, pure good, and undeniable truth do, in fact, exist in this world and beyond it.

They most certainly exist in our story. 

My friends, it is critical to note that most of this tale and its players come to life in the grey in-betweens of reality, where people and beings are made up of various combinations of positive and negative qualities, the “good and bad”, that make them unique. In this grey area, the lines that separate right and wrong are blurry for all but those with enormous strength of will, clarity of vision, and immense self confidence. On occasion, someone or something may attempt to obscure those lines even further in order to attain a given end. As you journey with HEDDA, you may find yourself despising a character, at the same time you envy the weight and truth of his convictions. Our story is compelled by and strewn with these contradictions of humanity and each pulls us into the story a little further because, on some level, they seem so familiar: our hero is a morally troubled, our villains have angelic visions of purity, those whom we think we should trust the least are perhaps the most honorable of characters and our nemeses believe with conviction that their cause is just and they will sacrifice as much, or perhaps even more, than those we believe to be righteous. You may discover that one’s flaws create the backdrop that later emphasizes his or her strengths and triumph or fall.

A good story aligns forces of similar strengths - and weaknesses - against one another.  This balance, in which the villain has admirable qualities and the hero is imperfect, allows us a glimpse of reality and to realize that only circumstances, individual experiences, and the decisions one makes distinguish a hero from a villain.

A good story is built upon the character of its characters. The easily travelled path is often times not the right one. At the end of the road, it’s all about the choices. Remember this above all as you journey through this tale…and through life.…

The character of the villain defines the hero. -