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          John Swenson, Hedda Lead Vocalist

Date of Birth: January 31, Aquarius
Gear: Just a mic, baby!!!!!
Influences: Goeff Tate, James LaBrie, Steve Perry, and Bruce Dickenson.
When and why did you get into music?
I started at 21. I needed a way to meet chicks!!! Oh, and I’ve always loved music too!!!. First band was CHYNA. First gig? Hmm. Couldn't tell you when, but it was at a bar called the “Chug-a Lug” in a town called Darlington , WI. And to this day there are still no stop lights in that town. So yeah, kinda small!!!
BandsCHYNA (hard rock/metal), LOVE GUN (hard rock/metal), PSYCHE THEATRIC (hard rock/ metal/ progressive metal), BEYOND the MIRROR (hard rock/metal). Are you sensing a pattern here? CHERRY PIE (hard rock/metal), ARRA (classic rock), HEDDA (power metal)
Dream Theater - Images and Words, Queensryche - Operation Mind Crime, Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast, Slayer- Reign in Blood, and Boston's Greatest Hits.
Books: I ain’t never been much for that book learnin’.
Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Dumb and Dumber, and ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite website: YouTube
Quote: “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give it to those who are not.” – Thomas Jefferson
Most Interesting Job: I tried to sell speakers out of the back of a van for a day. Why was it interesting???  You ever try to sell speakers out of the back of a van?!
Philosophy: Work hard and quit your bitchin’ !!!!!

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